Founder President (Late Sh. Satya Pal Baghi)
Born in 1925, Late Sh.Satya Pal Baghi was the only son of a noted “Freedom Fighter” and “ Freelance Reporter”, Late Sh. Bihari Lal Diwana. Belonging to a family of patriotic freedom fighters, Late Sh. Satya Pal Baghi, whose role model was his father, followed in his footsteps. He planged intothe freedom struggle as early as 1931 and contributed to the freedom cause, with his fiery pro-independence articles. While fighting for a national cause,he was sent to jailtwice.

In his eight decades of life time, Late Satya Pal Baghi, was witness to many turlent events, “Traama” of partition, “Mindless” terror ofMilitant period, “Destruction” of three Indo-Pak conflicts. Throughout this period and his life time, he used his journalistic talent to, upload the highest principles. He was a respected journalist of high stature at the national and international level. His intellectual level. His intellectual caliber was greatly admired in Pakistan also, where he had many well wishers. His contribution during the freedom struggle was recognized by the government . He always formed part of any delegation for “Back Door” diplomacy and confidence building measure with Pakistan.
With this exposure and experience, it was obvious, that Late Sh. Satya Pal Baghi, went on to become a Social Activist of grate stature. His only “Vision” was the upliftment of the   region. Being  an  intellectual and Journalist,  it was his firm belief, that “Literacy” is the most powerful tool for “Empowerment and Progress”.  He dedicated his life to promote this vision, through personal efforts and government support.  His  determination to give shape to this noble cause became more steadfast, when he lost his young son Dr. Anil Baghi at the hands of mindless militants.

He set up a super specialty  hospital, with  equipment of high-end technology. It was a very brave step, considering the back-wardness  of this region. This was followed by a Nursing Institute, which is popular for its high caliber training and has a record  placement abroad . In 1992, he convinced the Government  to set up Shaheed Bhagat Singh,  Engineering College, in memory of the great martyr.  He then established Dr. Anil Baghi, Memorial Charitable Society, whose primary aim is to promote ”Higher  Education” and “Healthcare”, by creating a world class infrastructure. 

In 2005 he set up the Genesis Institute of Dental Science and Research. In 2007, he initiated the process of giving shape to a 150 crore project to set up a Multiple Discipline Healthcare.  Just prior to his demise, he gave shape to the blue print to upgrade the existing Genesis Institute Of Dental Science and Research, Ferozepur, to Post Graduate     Institution status. Today, Ferozepur is the most popular of the Courageous, Selfless and Dedicated contribution of Late Sh. Satya Pal Baghi, more popular as Papji to all his well wishers.
Late Sh.  Satya Pal Baghi,
Noted Journalist  and Founder
Dr. Anil Baghi Charitable Society.
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